Zoe Pencarrow and The Tower of Light (Book 4)

Zoe Pencarrow and The Tower of Light by Dan Robertson“The storm increased its ferociousness. It was a giant vortex: a whirlpool of anger and hatred. Suddenly, all went quiet, and everything was pitch black. The hairs on Zoe’s head stood up. The cold icy hand of death was all around her. She felt like her life had been crushed out of her and she gasped to breathe – but only for a split moment. There in front of her was Jesus. He was no longer on the cross but standing tall and strong. From him in all directions radiated glory fire. He shone like ten thousand thousand suns, and still that wasn’t bright enough to describe the radiance that came from him. His brilliance pierced the darkness and the darkness could not help but flee. He was like a supernova!”

For generations heaven has watched and waited…for the champions to arise – the ones with the heart of the Father, crying out for mercy and justice. Join Zoe as she is transported to the moment that Jesus dies on the cross. Travel into realms of glory and discover the mystery of the Tower of Light. Receive the key of heaven – the revelation that will set Jesus’ captive Bride free…Who is this Bride and why has no one rescued her?

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What readers are saying:

“Each time I read these books, I realize just how prophetic they are. Tucked away within these slim volumes are precious nuggets and truths that constantly amaze me. When I read them, I’m challenged, encouraged, moved to tears or wonder. Mysteries from the Bible that I never before understood suddenly make sense, with an insight I know
didn’t come from Dan just “trying to work it out”. This is a God-thing.

I believe in these books, not only for what they do in the hearts of kids and teenagers, but also for what they do for adults like me who’re hungry and wanting “more”.   More simplicity, more tenderness in our hearts, more rock solid confidence in the unchanging promises and Word of God, and more faith in His call. Welcome to Zoe Pencarrow’s world, where a childlike heart can turn you into a hero, and steps of faith are always met by our faithful, truly unstoppable God!”

Sarah Robertson, Dan’s wife