Zoe Pencarrow and The River of Life (Book 1)

Zoe Pencarrow and The River of Life by Dan RobertsonImagine stepping outside of your bedroom one day into a world where no one ever grew old, everything was perfect, and you met God face-to-face! Zoe Pencarrow has been longing for such an adventure all her life. Suddenly everything changes when she finds herself inside the Garden of Eden. Together with a talking eagle, Zoe is thrust into an epic journey where she is transformed into a glorious Bride clad in heavenly armour. Overwhelmed by God’s love, Zoe wrestles out her destiny as she learns that she is not only made to be beautiful but is also called as a champion to set the captives free.

Dare to believe the dreams and prophetic destiny that God has placed inside of you. Let Love awaken your heart; reach out to Him and be transformed as you join Zoe on her heavenly adventure!

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What readers are saying:

“Dan Robertson’s first story in the Zoe Pencarrow series is framed as a children’s story, and it is; but just as The Chronicles of Narnia continue to repay even the oldest reader, so this is a book for all ages. There are echoes too of Pilgrim’s Progress, but framed for the 21st century reader and inviting a wider experience of the world than Bunyan could have imagined. Give yourself the time and space to engage with Robertson’s vivid imagery and what begins as Zoe’s journey might well become your own.”

JB, CEO, Global Consultancy Business, Singapore

“It is my privilege to have known Dan Robertson for the last 20 years and I have been greatly blessed by the different aspects of his creative ministry. I’m very glad to endorse his ‘first fruits’ of narrative gifting, which is going to be a great blessing to a much larger audience.

His prophetic insights into the Kingdom of God will be a great help to parents who seek to share their faith in a loving and awesome creator God with their children. This book is building on the tradition of many famous storytellers like Bunyan and C.S. Lewis and others who have opened new and exciting worlds of understanding to their readers of all ages.”

Dr Michael Schiffmann, Director of Touch the Nations Ministry, Germany

“This little book, so full of wonder and life, could only have been written by a person with both a childlike spirit and a mature prophetic revelation of our wonderful God who is Life. 

Dan Robertson is truly such a person. During the almost 22 years that I’ve known Dan and his wife, I have watched and occasionally walked with them along their road of life. I have watched them, both fully employed, give away so much of their income that they had too little left to live on. I have watched them, both unsalaried, devote some years fully to ministry. I have watched them as artists and as challenged public-sector employees, but always as friends to the poor in spirit. Most importantly, I have watched the Lord sustain them through all of these seasons, and have witnessed the growth of the prophetic anointing that Dan now carries and that perfumes this book.

Even the drabbest season of a life given to God is suffused with adventure. From his living testimony of this truth, Dan has crafted Zoe the adventure-lover. I highly commend this book with the prayer and expectation that it will encourage you its readers, and educate children of all ages, to grow as Zoe does in the surpassing adventure of life lived int he obedience of faith in God.”

Dr Bill Rigden, Elder, and former Business as Mission Director, World Horizons

“The famous English poet TS Eliot talked about ‘restoring with a new verse the ancient rhyme’ and this is exactly what Dan achieves in his beautiful story. With boundless creativity and colour he crafts new life into the old timeless tapestry of God’s story.

An innocent joy and sensitivity inhabits each page which threatens to explode with a happy giggle or inspired image. We are introduced to t a world of wonder, inhabited by keenly described characters who simply ooze friendship and love. Dan is able to perfume his words with a wholesome intoxication that will no doubt bring deep pleaseure and satisfaction to the many who will journey into this awesome book. Like his heroine Zoe, they will be carried on eagles’ wings and ‘born(e) to adventure’.

This book is a rich feast. I have no hesitation in inviting you to come and taste its bounty.”

Dr Robert Reeve, Founder, World Horizons France

“Stories often captivate children’s attention and imaginations but they also bring out the child-like heart in adults. Dan Robertson is such a masterful storyteller that the imagery draws you into Zoe’s amazing explorations as if you’re experiencing it yourself while reading!

Zoe Pencarrow and The River of Life is an engaging story of high adventures which also teaches you many spiritual truths and principles that can be life-changing! It’s a revelatory story that’s filled with keys for walking with Jesus, seeing life through His heart, and challenging you to respond. Children as well as adults will be impacted by this book and find themselves longing to love Jesus even more and do exploits for Him before they someday meet Him face-to-face!”

Linda Valen, Ministry Director, Master Potter Ministries

“Dan Robertson is taking his heroine Zoe – and us! – into heavenly realms and eternal truths. In every chapter new realities and treasures of the kingdom of God unfold before our eyes as Dan paints pictures with his words. This is a book for all ages. It opens the eyes of our hearts so that the word of God comes alive before our spiritual eyes.

I have known Dan many years now and appreciate his unshakeable faith in the word of God and his passion for prophetic creativity. He is a true artist at heart. I have seen him paint pictures with music and dance – now he’s using paper and pen.”

Monika Flach, Kingdom Impact, Gebetshaus am Bodensee, Germany

“Zoe Pencarrow takes us with her on a journey to understand deep truths from a child’s perspective. Into a cave behind a waterfall, through a puddle into an ancient library, transported in to the book of creation and then drawn into the living, suffering tree, Zoe experiences and shares with the reader the events, emotions and challenges of encountering a world of real choices and a God of love.

In this book Dan Robertson doesn’t shrink from such demanding theological concepts as the suffering of Christ and the implications of human freedom, but engages them with [childlike] innocence and creative metaphor. His voice is never heavy, his timing and use of humour masterful, his description vibrant, so the story moves apace, drawing even the adult reader into the enquiry. This is bedtime reading with a pre-teen child that will stimulate and illumine discussion about becoming truly and lovingly human.”

Sue Mitchell, Passion, UK

“I remember the wonder of reading a good adventure in my childhood. That sense of adventure awaits you and your children and your grandchildren in the pages of Zoe Pencarrow and The River of Life”

Dr Paul L Cox, Director, Aslan’s Place, Apple Valley, CA, USA

“In Zoe Pencarrow and The River of Life, Dan Robertson demonstrates a creative use of language to capture the reader’s mind, in order to address life principles that are practical in today’s society. While Dan’s focus is on the children, youth and adult readers will also benefit as they read [this book] for themselves or aloud to children. All the senses are uniquely involved to capture your attention, and there’s plenty of suspense from beginning to end.

Discover how to: 

  • give hope to children
  • enable them to discover their purpose in life
  • engage their imagination productively
  • equip them to reach their potential

Regardless of your cultural background, you will find a tremendous appreciation of the vast sense of creativity in this book. It is a pleasure to read and will enhance children’s emotional, spiritual and linguistic growth.”

James and Phoebe Gonahasa, Educators and Directors of Amazing Love Development Organization, Canada and Uganda