Zoe Pencarrow and The Falling Star (Book 3)

Zoe Pencarrow and The Falling Star by Dan Robertson“The falling star spat and hissed as it fell. The noise increased to a roar as it approached the earth. It was deafening. Not a soul around the camp fire stirred. The earth shook violently as the falling star and the stars that had been caught up in its train smashed into the ground. One of the girls turned over in her sleeping bag and muttered something about a ‘bad dream’, rolled over and went back to sleep. Her snoring was the only sound to be heard. All of creation was momentarily silent, holding its breath, and waiting….”

Explosive action and awesome glory accompany Zoe as she is thrust into her third heavenly adventure. Equipped with a mighty weapon in the Valley of Eagles, Zoe must reach the top of the Golden Tower. But every level is fraught with danger and evil. How can she overcome the wicked queen building the tower to reach the stars?

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What readers are saying:

“This is Dan’s best book to date: an uplifting work of powerful creative imagination in which he leads Zoe – and us, his readers – through a rapidly turning kaleidoscope of vivid Scriptural scenes. Within 20,000 words or so we meet a score of heroes of faith. We also find Satan, depicted as dragon, serpent, queen of heaven, counterfeit bride… and utterly defeated.

Children who follow Zoe’s breathless adventures, in heaven and on earth, will be encouraged to long to live in the service of their loving, victorious Creator.  Biblically-literate older readers will find vignettes illuminating spiritual truths too seldom taught or preached in our churches. Like Zoe, each one of us is ‘called as part of the Lord’s Bride to prepare the way for His return’; and like Zoe, we fulfill our calling through child-like, humble obedience.

This is a rare book that I can commend both to my spiritual warfare class and to all parents who love to read to their children.”

Dr Bill Rigden, Elder, and former Business as Mission Director, World Horizons

When I was invited to teach in a prophetic school in Germany more than 20 years ago, I met a couple there from a faraway nation, who loved God, and I knew these people were prophetic. They had come with a loving heart to serve Europe, leaving their homeland, to share with us some of their early years.

Later they invited me into their home and I was further convinced they were both a prophetic sign. I will never forget the unique decoration of their wooden furniture, covered with bright colors and paintings they had done by hand. It was a kind of mixture of the mature and the childlike, sophistication and simplicity, solid straight and fluid curves. In these books I read the same approach, the same flavor, the same mystery mixing legend and/or reality which makes it accessible for adults and children. It looks like a tale or it could well be a bible story re-told. It contains truths, principles and romance but it is not a teaching thought it teaches. Like a vision or a dream, it colors some well-known scriptures with a very creative approach.

Go for it, fly and float, soak and sink, feel welcome and be entertained. Be further prepared, and become part of the spotless Bride made ready for the glorious Bridegroom. Let the flow of Zoe-life fill you inside and out.”

Samuel Rhein, Serving God in many nations starting with France

“As a father of 5 children I have a great deal of first-hand experience in how Christian books can ignite spiritual interest in kids for God’s unseen reality. As the Bible teaches us in Proverbs 22:6 ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.’

With that in mind I can recommend Dan Robertson’s latest adventure Zoe Pencarrow and the Falling Star as a really great and inspirational book.”

Michael Schiffmann, Founder and Director of “Touch the Nations” international Ministry, Germany

Dan has done it again – a wonderfully imaginative and challenging journey through time and space following the well-worn discipleship path of the Bible. Breathless action bites into the reader’s mind from the opening lines as our heroine Zoe is taken on her vocational journey of spiritual warfare, learning to overcome evil and discern truth from lie. complex concepts of good and evil are encountered with an allegorical style which flows with poetic beauty.

This book opens a colourful door into the liberating walk of faith and commitment to Jesus. I invite you to enter in.”

Dr Robert Reeve, Founder, World Horizons France