Zoe Pencarrow and The Battle For The Bride (Book 7)

Zoe Pencarrow and The Battle For The Bride“Father held her close to his heart one last time. Then, with a blinding flash, he thrust her out into all eternity. The Word broke through the darkness, releasing its contents like seeds in the wind, as the Bride was strewn out of heaven into the fabric of time and space. The seeds fell to the earth in the Garden in the east. There, in the garden paradise of God, the seeds grew. There, in the Garden of Eden, the seeds would choose. The battle for the heart of the Bride had begun.”


Zoe knows she is a history maker, and is passionate about leaving a legacy. While elephant riding at the local zoo, Zoe is suddenly flung straight into the story of Noah’s ark, and a glorious adventure that transports her through heaven and earth. Eternal revelations, mantles, and secrets, are imparted and released, as Zoe discovers how to overcome in the power of the spirit. But the greatest battle of her life awaits her—the battle for her own heart. What is the special assignment Jesus is giving her? How will it fulfil her calling to be a game changer at the end of the age?

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