Zoe Pencarrow and The Golden Cage (Book 2)

Zoe Pencarrow and The Golden Cage by Dan RobertsonThe epic adventure continues. Zoe is thrust into a situation so wild she wonders if she will ever make it out alive! Her commission: “Find the lost ones, and bring them into the Father’s House.” But can Zoe really deliver them? And will the amazing gifts and her old friend the eagle be enough to rescue them? Join Zoe as she encounters fiery angelic beings clothed in the glory of heaven. Walk with Zoe and Jesus on the crystal sea. Discover the Father’s most precious gift, shining with the radiance and brilliance of a thousand suns.

Enter realms of darkness and fire – a place of eternal burning and suffering. Surely Jesus’ love can saver her? After all, He promised Zoe never to leaver her or forsake her.

Will Zoe ever be able to complete her mission and escape…and what is the mystery of the golden cage?

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What readers are saying:

“Wow! This is an amazing book and I’m so glad I was one of the ones chosen to read this for the first time! I really enjoyed reading it and wanted to find out what happened next. It’s just such an incredible book and it made me want to dive deeper and find out more about our great God! It made me really want to meet Jesus like she did.”

Bethany, 11 years old, Wales

Amazing! I was gripped by the detailed and awesome description of Zoe’s voyage through the secret world…The characters and images in the book are so easy to imagine. It’s as though one were really in the middle of the story, seeing everything with Zoe’s eyes – the Eagle, the Starfish, and so much more…When Zoe falls into the rockpool, you have the feeling you’re right in the rockpool with her!”

Delilah, 16 years old, Germany

“I’m honoured to be one of the first Dan Robertson takes on this beautiful journey of vibrant colours and vivid dreams right to the heart of our wonderful loving God. People of all ages can let themselves be swept away by this story.”

Iona, 16 years old, Germany

A very inspirational story with a beautiful portrayal of what life with Jesus should be like.”

Agatka, 17 years old, England

An exciting story about living with God and how everything He makes is so wonderful and colourful and full of life.”

Debbi, 12 years old, Germany

Zoe’s second adventure is fast paced and her experiences are described in a wonderfully vibrant and rich way. The reality of all she is drawn into by the Holy Spirit is hard hitting and yet full of the compassion, power and wonder of God’s love and purpose.”

Sarah, Work Psychologist, UK

“Dan’s descriptions are so vivid they will practically explode in your mind’s eye! Younger children will be captivated by the adventure, while older children and adults will surely be reminded time and again of familiar Bible passages which are illuminated by Zoe’s story. The love and tenderness of God in this story is palpable – let it seep into your heart and mind!”

Sarah, TESOL trainer and mum, Germany

” ‘She was made for adventure‘ is the key sentence in this prophetic fantasy story from Dan Robertson. It triggered something in me, being exposed to the creative walk with God of this little girl named Zoe. There are many deep truths in the story and there’s impartation on it , meaning: I really experienced the presence of God while reading the book, and got fresh ideas from heaven for my own life. Thanks Dan! This is more than ‘just’ a children’s story.”

Juergen, former Vice-President of Christian Training Center, Hannover, and Igneus jobcoach, Germany

“Irrepressible as ever, Zoe (‘full of life’) Pencarrow launches into a gripping new series of adventures. The story is captivating because Zoe is captivated by the love of her Lord. Dan Roberston’s story-telling art depicts vistas of delight and valleys of deep darkness, to be travelled alike in the secure knowledge of our divine Lover’s never-failing presence and protection. I came to the end, with a feeling of deep refreshment, a renewed sense of peace and confidence to face life’s challenges and anxieties, for which I am truly thankful.”

Dan, Language teacher and translator with Nations Trust, UK

“The young girl Zoe is unexpectedly thrown into a world of adventure, a quest to find her identity and calling. This is a story that brings to life the imagery of centuries old biblical truths, exploring the depths of God’s compassion and endtime plan. Maybe there is a little of Zoe in each of us, longing for the fire of God to burn brightly in our daily walk – an adventure with God. We are now looking forward to Miss Zoe’s next adventure!”

Peter and Helen, Intercessory missionaries, International House of Prayer, Kansas City, USA