Zoe Pencarrow and The Secret of The Lamb (Book 5)

Zoe Pencarrow and The Secret of The LambThe wave of terror surrounding the Egyptian army rolled over the Israelites like a blanket of death. People and animals panicked and ran in all directions. There was nothing they could do … or was there?  Zoe was jostled by a tall he-goat. She would have fallen if it hadn’t been for the youngest daughter of the family she was with. The young girl knelt down next to Zoe. “It’s okay Lambie,” she said reassuringly. “It’ll be all right. Father will get us out of here, and we’ll find you some nice grass.” The little girl’s trembling hands gave away what she was really feeling …”

 The family vacation ends when catastrophe strikes. Zoe and her family start plummeting to certain death when their car tire explodes. Suddenly Zoe finds herself transported into the very pages of the Bible. But what of her family, still trapped in the car wreck? Are they still alive? Can God save them? And why are there so many stories in the Bible about lambs? Join Zoe as she solves the incredible mystery of the Secret of the Lamb!

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What readers are saying:

Amazing……as I read I have laughed and cried. It has given me a deeper revelation of a God of Love, the Creator of the galaxies, who has created the starry host with love. Beauty that man hasn’t seen as yet…..how small is man. It reveals a big, big God who sits and laughs at the way man plans and rages.

This is a God who is willing to use weak people to reveal who He really is, to reveal His power. He doesn’t really need us but He chooses to partner with us. He is the God who says to us today, “What have you got in your hand?” How kind is He, that He would want to use what we have?!!! This book has filled me with such faith. He has given us authority to believe and declare.

Thank you, Dan Robertson, for the way God has caused you to share images of the heavenly realms with us.

A heart searching bible narrative seen through the eyes and exploits of a young girl.”

Peter and Helen, Intercessory missionaries, International House of Prayer, Kansas City, Missouri


This is the second or third book of this author that I’ve reviewed/read and every time I read one of them, I am floored at the exceptional talent displayed by the author. He definitely has the art of writing fiction (based on reality in the Bible, so not entirely fictitious) down and he does it well. The author really “shows” the story instead of “telling” it. The setting is described in a way that readers can paint the pictures in their minds and put themselves there. (Especially with all the action Zoe gets involved in, this is huge!) There’s a great amount of dialogue, too, which is essential in this type of story.”

Taylor, Xulon Editor

Once again, Dan’s writing gives us a glimpse into the inexpressible riches of the heavenly realms! Zoe’s journey in life reflects our own. As she meets biblical ‘heroes’, she understands that it’s not what we bring that makes us overcomers, but the Lamb in whom we put our trust!

Sarah, ESOL / English Trainer


This is again an ingenious book by Dan Robertson. He takes us right into Zoe’s adventures and visions. She encounters people and situations which are so familiar from famous bible stories. But in Zoe’s visions they become very much alive. Most of all, however, we join Zoe, as she encounters the very heart of God and frequently meets Jesus. In His presence ‘everything … was always clear … It was so easy to understand things in the heavenly realm, they made so much sense.’

Reading the book ignites a deep longing in me to also experience this close, familiar and comforting relationship with Jesus who says to Zoe, “Worship is your heart responding to me. … Dependency on me is not being religious; it’s being humble and relying on me for all things. … I am the Lion and the Lamb. To know me is to know both.”

It’s not just a book for the young. I was blessed through it personally with a fresh encounter with Jesus and I’d like to recommend it for each and every one!

Christoph, Business Analyst


“The fast-paced opening chapter immediately drew me in and I loved being transported to scenes from the Bible – it felt as if I was right there.  Suddenly the Bible characters seemed very close and real and I noticed details from their stories in a fresh way.  As the plot unfolded, I felt God was speaking through Zoe’s adventures to me personally, equipping me for adventures? battles? victories? of my own.  I re-read the last chapters several times, wanting to soak it all in, and felt God strengthening me and changing my heart to love in hard places.

Thanks Dan for sharing these precious stories with us.”

Jane,Teacher, mother and late-life Psychology student